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REP22 Trials start next week (Aug 30th) CLICK for more INFO

By REP, 08/27/21, 5:45PM EDT


Thank you everyone, you are receiving this email because you have expressed interest in playing rep soccer for SSUFC for the upcoming season.  We are doing everything we can to make sure that we can field as many teams as possible.  That being said right now there are some age groups that we just don't have enough interest to continue with trials at this time.  We are not closing the door on any rep teams but right now we do not have the interest for some of the groups,  for those groups we will do our best to field a team and if we get more interest we will hold tryouts at an appropriate time.


That being said, we are going to proceed with one week of trials for the majority of  groups for one week starting August 30th.  Some of you have already informed me that you are not available for trials this week, thank you very much for letting us know that. So if you can make it please do if not please make sure that you are still signed up and if we feel that we are able to proceed with tryouts at your age group we will make sure that we invite you to the tryouts.  

At this time we do not have the numbers to field an all girls team at this point at any age, but (we are close at some) so we do encourage all girls that have signed up to join us for the trials as we are working hard to find enough to have a team for everyone.


The trials will look like this:

1. All existing Covid Protocols are to be followed

       - Upon arrival to the field please ensure that you are wearing a mask.

      -  We are limited to a maximum of 1 adult per child, adult is to be masked as well

      -  Once you arrive at the pitch please check in with me (Kevin - Rep Manager)

      -   I will need to confirm that anyone present has not been in contact with           someone that actively has Covid-19, is showing any symptoms or has been out of the country without full vaccinations.

      -   Once you have checked in You will be directed to the appropriate area for the trials  (see chart below)  PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED UNTIL YOU HAVE CHECKED IN.  



REP22 Trails Age Groups/Birth Years  

U10 Boys 2013/2012 T 31 /TH 2 6-7pm (girls are invited) MINI FIELD #1 (it's the one closest to the shed) 


U12 Boys 2011/2010 T 31 / TH2 7pm (girls are invited/make sure they know its a BOYS DIVISION) Med Field 


U13 Boys 2009 M30 / W1 7pm

Main Split 


U15 Boys 07/08 Birth year M30 /W1 7pm

Main Split 


09/08/07 Birth years Girls M30 / W1 7pm 

Med Field 

  IF you do not see your child's birth year on this list unfortunately at this time we will not be proceeding with trials but with your continued support we will be able to in the future


2. In order to proceed with trials we are looking for volunteers to help with the trials

     We have 4 nights that we will need help with so please email me if you are able to help out for 1,2,3 or 4 nights.  We ask all volunteers to be there at least 15 minutes before the start time so that we can be ready to start on time.

     here is what we will need all 4 days


  -  at least one person to help with Tracking and Tracing and to help direct the players to the appropriate pitch

-  At least 2 people per age group to help run drills

-  A head coach for the U10 Boys is needed (it looks like we have enough boys) the club will work with any approved coach to make sure they have the necessary qualifications by the time the season starts.

-  Several evaluators - They will help determine the skill level of all the kids. - please email Jeff Virgo at if you are interested in volunteering for this position.


If you are able to volunteer please let me know ASAP so that we can make sure we are covered for all positions


 Please remember, you must be registered to attend these trials and our cut-off is August 30th at 5pm.  Unfortunately if you are not on the list you will not be permitted on the field.  If you are receiving this email please feel confident that  you are on the list (if there are multiple children registered in the family you should receive one copy for each child, we encourage you to invite everyone that might be interested in trying out.