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Volunteer Call

By President Virgo, 04/26/21, 8:30PM EDT


Volunteer Call for 2021 Outdoor Season 

We are still preparing for the 2021 Outdoor season, with registration still open for the remainder of the month. Next on the list is getting volunteers and coaches. This week we will be posting highlighted videos on what we need to provide a safe & fun environment this season. This year we will be running smaller groups and teams to help manage all new procedures & physical distancing rules. 

Convenors - Parents & Tots Programming, U6 First Kicks, U8, U10 
-Help create teams with Club Registrar 
-Work in conjunction with President on field practice/game schedule 
-POC at the field/Field Safety Rules 
-Shed Access for equipment prior to practice/game 
-Escalation point for assigned age group issues and non-executive issues. Making sure once session-practice-game is over that everyone leaves the field/site.
*This position can be shared, creating Co-Convenors to help with the workload and being at the field. You will be working with Club President. 

Coaches - U6 First Kicks, U8, U10 
-Coaches will be given resources/practice templates 
-Club will do orientation workshop 
-Co-Coaching is welcome if you want to partner up. (please note this on form)
*Coaching this season, is getting the kids on the field. With the focus on lots, and lots of touches & playing time. We have setup that your focus is just that on-field vs the admin/additional procedures.

Team Lead - Parents & Tots Programming 
-This season we will be looking at introducing Team Leads in the 2017 Birth Year Division. Team Leads will be leading the session/activities with the parents and players
-Each team will have 2 Team Leads to share the responsibility 
-Each group-team will be given session booklet to help run different activities

Coach-Supervisor - U15/U21 6v6 League 
-Help monitor league games 
-POC at the field/Shed Access 
-Needs to be Adult 

Safety Field Marshal - All Programming/Time Slots 
-Tracking & Tracing Person at Entrance 
-Help direct player-coach-parent flow at the beginning of the activity/practice/game
-Help Convenor with ushering players/parents at end of the session

Operating Committee - Equipment Mgr. (2021 Season) 
-Prior to Season Help organize divisional and team equipment needs 
-Responsible for Club Sheds/Shed Access 
-Help with cleaning of equipment per RTP Plan 

Operating Committee- Player Representatives - 1 male and 1 female (must be 9yrs of age or older) 
-Assist in daily operations of the Club
-Helping coordinate this upcoming season with following the RTP Plan.
-Liaisons between the players and the Club/Board

**Please fill out**

Any questions please direct them to 
Without volunteers we will not be able to run programming. The Club does offer volunteer hours. 

Thanks for everyones time as we get ready for the 2021 Outdoor Season. We will be hosting virtual coaching-volunteer workshops prior to Kick-Off. I'm also working on create a few introduction videos to help everyone navigate this season. We continue to monitor provincial governments stay at home order, as well any news & updates from Ontario Soccer, Public Health Unit and Town of Saugeen Shores. 

Jeff Virgo 

Police Checks -every 3 years - all Coaches/Volunteers connect with for online link for Saugeen Shores Police Service. 

Club Volunteer Cheque: At season end coaches/conveners can receive 1/2 (1 player only) registration cost reimbursed at seasons end. Please check out requirements via Coaches Tab

Next SSUFC Board Meeting -May 4th