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AGM Board of Directors Election Info

By SSUFC , 10/12/20, 3:30PM EDT


Board Of Directors (BOD) and Operating-Committee Positions up for Election on the 26th of October 2020. Contact us if your interest and/or want more info. #stepupvolunteer 


  • Vice President - 2yr term 
  • Registrar-  2yr term
  • General Secretary 2 yr term

Director at Large 1 yr term 
Head Coach (will be starting 2nd year) 1 year 

We are looking for those interested in helping The Club in the Admin and logistics area, no soccer knowledge is required. We highlighted those jobs below (operation-committee =1yr term). 

Equipment Manager 

·      Responsible for all Club Sheds.

·      Responsible for maintaining, ordering and inventorying club equipment (this can include balls, pinnies, coaching kits, ref uniforms, practice & training equipment).

·      Oversees equipment distribution and retrieval to youth conveners, Lakeshore Soccer League Teams and Rep team managers.

·      Work with Board on creating & updating soccer/sport first aid kits.

·      Attend Club meetings and update board on status

 Uniform Coordinator 

·      Inventory all uniforms (kits) and help prepare purchasing orders in Feb-March.

·      Overseas uniform distribution & retrieval at the end of the season (start of Sept of the current year).

·      Works with conveners and coaching staffs to ensure that all uniforms are maintained and returned in a clean and serviceable condition.

·      Club and Team apparel contact.

·      Attend Club meetings and update board on status

Events and Sponsorship Coord. 

·      Help with obtaining and coordinating team-league sponsorship

·      Special Projects and Club Master Plan

·      Assist in coordination of yearend events (such as Lions BBQ).

·      Point of Contact for all fundraising activities.

·      Recruit volunteers for events and other fundraising activities.

Public Relations & Communications 

     Overseas Club’s website, print & radio and social media.

·      This position can be co-position within the operating committee.

·      Coordinate all advertisements for all Club events such as registration, general meetings, AGM, picture day, BBQ and other activates.

·      Responsibilities include recommendations to board regarding marking and communications. Help recognize key stakeholders and sponsorships.

·      Send out Club emails to membership (maintain mass email using SE)

o   Website – responsible for maintain information on website & preparation of newsletter.

o   Print/Radio – liaise with media

o   Social Media – operated the Clubs Facebook and Instagram accounts. Promoting the game, highlighting The Club and its members, helping create engaging events for the community.

·      Attend Club meetings and update board on status.


Head Referee 

Club Conveners U4, U6, U8, U10 

Fall/Indoor Coordinator 

Rep Program Manager 

Player Representatives (1 -male) (1-female)